MOSEF 2022 Summer Conference: Accessibility and Opportunity for All! July 29-30, 2022 • Ozarks Technical College • Springfield, MO

Opening Keynote

Careers of Impact in Gaming,

a keynote with Evil Geniuses Jessica Hammond

Additional Keynotes

MOSEF Esports CTE Challenges: Preparing and Participating

Amy Harris

Watch for more keynote announcements coming soon!

Breakout Sessions

For New Programs

eSports from Scratch: A Recipe for Success
Jackson Lewis-Hite, Crowder College

Attendees will learn about planning and implementing processes in their programs to make them as efficient as possible from day 1. Many eSports programs are underfunded, and so I want to teach attendees how we have positioned our program to be as self-sufficient as possible. Attendees will be offered an open dialogue discussing how we can retool methods that are working for college programs to become successful to see those same results in high schools. This will be a highly interactive session.

Making the Team - Tryouts, Tech, and Other Tips for Success
J. Alexander Messina & Tori Ramsey, St. Charles School District

Participants will learn how to structure and quantify tryouts sessions for Overwatch, Valorant, and Super Smash Brothers games, as well as helpful information for inaugural and developing programs on technology, communication, and more.

What I Wish I Knew My First Year Coaching Esports
Jimmy Morey, Arcadia Valley High School

What I Wish I Knew My First Year Coaching Esports: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Making Your First Year a Success. This presentation will cover lessons learned from a returning esports coach and how you can apply them to make your first year a success--or how to make your next year as a coach even more successful!

For All Programs

Diversity in Esports, Iron Rank

Diversity in Esports, Gold Rank

Chelsea Arnett, Confluence Preparatory Academy

Lindsey Smith, Fox High School

This two session series will include the basics of diversity in gaming history, experiences from real life people in gaming, the role of identity in gaming, and finally ways to make your program more inclusive and equitable. Session 1 is for beginners and is a repeat of the Diversity in Esports session from 2021. Session 2 is a deeper dive into implementing strategies on a daily basis as well as specific circumstances. While Session 1 is not a prerequisite for Session 2, it is highly encouraged to attend it first.

Introduction to streaming with OBS and
Kevin Clevenger, Blue Springs High School

Learn how to setup OBS(Open Broadcast Software), including audio, scenes, and more. Along with an introduction to how to use scoring tool to help show match scores in your stream and OBS.

Recruiting and Serving Your Students
Adam Dickey, North County R1 High School

What?! You mean we have to convince kids TO play video games?! Whether they aren't aware that you have an esports program, are too intimidated to try out, or are unsure about where esports fits into their already busy lives (and everything in between), it might not be a difficult task to convince to do what they love on a competitive level. During this presentation we will cover recruitment strategies, establishing cultural norms within the organization, and helping students in the program find the 'next step' that esports can lead them to tackle.

Shoutcasting 101
Ethan Evans, Lathrop High School

Shoutcasting 101: Ethan will talk about his process for choosing roles and educating his students on the qualities he wants in LHS esports shoutcasters as well as the tryout process he's implementing for the 22-23 school year.

Health and Wellness for Gamers
Amy Harris, Hart Career Center

This session will cover the importance of physical and mental well-being for gamers. We will go over activities and other resources for stretching, exercise, meditation, nutrition, sleep, and other relevant topics.

Databases and economy of strategy
Micah Neal, Hollister School District

Data collection and analyzing for value and strategy.

Women in Relation to the Industry of eSports
Hannah Shipman, Crowder College

Recognition of the accessibility and equal opportunities available for women in the eSports industry, how to make a more welcoming atmosphere for women in eSports, why women are an important demographic to the industry, and addressing misconceptions about the industry as a whole and how we can combat it.

SYKE - The power of apparel in the digital age

Sharing our experience and love for apparel and branding for ESPORTS

Discord: The Key to Communication in Esports
Elizabeth Wofford, Plato Public School

Discord is an important tool in the esports world. It is used for many teams, but also for competitions. Knowing your way around Discord helps you not only participate in MOSEF & other tournaments, but also helps you stay connected to your players. Elizabeth will be sharing some Discord basics that will help you as you participate in MOSEF as well as diving into any questions or concerns you have about it.

One-on-One Discord Evaluation/Set Up
Elizabeth Wofford, Plato Public School

By signing up for a 15 minute, 1-on-1 session, you (or your school group) will have the opportunity to sit down with the MOSEF Discord Moderator (Leiuna Wofford) where she will help you either set up your own server for your school esports team or evaluate your current team server. The focus will be helping you determine how to best utilize your server as well as make sure it is set up in a way that keeps both you & your students safe. There are limited slots available.


Registration for the conference includes:

  • admittance to all conference sessions

  • admittance to all gaming sessions

  • admittance to all sponsored evening activities

  • admittance to regional meeting

  • lunch both days of the conference

Check-in opens at 8:00 AM on July 29, and the conference kicks off at 9:00 AM on both days.

Register before July 1: $100.00 per person
Register July 1 - July 29: $115.00 per person

All payments not made prior to the conference will be due at the door!


Greenstay Hotel and Suites
222 N Ingram Mill Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

Reservations can be made by calling the hotel direct at 417-863-1440 and asking for the Esports State Conference Rate

Rooms will be reserved at the rate of $84.99 until July 8. After that date, rooms will be sold on a first come basis at the group rate, based upon availability.

Breakfast will be included in room rate.