3rd Annual Summer Conference

Friday Keynotes

The Esports Ecosystem

Victoria Horsley

Global Competition Manager, VALORANT

Riot Games

Is Esports on the Way to MSHSAA?

Dr. Jennifer Rukstad

Executive Director 


Saturday Keynotes

What Esports Teaches Us About the Unknown

Parth Naidu

Founder and CEO

100 Jobs in Esports

Connor Alne


100 Jobs in Esports

Promoting Longevity in Esports

Dr. Jordan Tsai

Esports Physical Therapist

Respawn Therapy

Opening Session

State of MOSEF
Dr. Tony Gragnani
Webster Groves High School
MOSEF President

Breakout Sessions

For New Programs

Discord for Beginners
Elizabeth Wofford, Plato High School

So you’re on the MOSEF server, but have no clue what to do from here. You might even have used Discord a little, but aren’t quite sure how MOSEF uses it. Elizabeth will take you step by step through the MOSEF Coaches server & show you how to use Discord to benefit your esports program. She will also demonstrate how to get your students added to the MOSEF Community Server and identify which channels will be essential for you as a coach to follow. As time permits, there will be a question & answer time related to the official MOSEF servers and individual schools’ servers. 

Help! I’m Not a Gamer!
Elizabeth Hancock, Warrenton High School

I'm an NES Tetris snob (don't come at me with any other versions of the game), and my good games can make grown adults cry. Unfortunately, my gamer knowledge does not go much beyond that. You may be asking yourself: "How can this person be an esports coach when their game knowledge is metaphorically prehistoric?" The answer to that and other "those who don't game . . ." questions will be found in this session. Let's hope my presentation skills outshine my gaming skills.

I’m Looking to Start Esports at My School/District
moderator: Jeramie Price, Sparta High School

Round table of experienced coaches. New programs will have the chance to know where they need to start when the new school year begins or figure out what steps to take to get a program going by spring.

For All Programs

Adventures in Esports Diversity!

Chelsea Arnett, Confluence Preparatory Academy 

Lindsey Neal, Fox High School 

Join Chelsea and Lindsey on another adventure in diversity, equity, and inclusion! We will briefly discuss what DEI is, how it applies in Esports and the gaming world as a whole. The majority of our session will be a panel of students and coaches for questions. 

Combating burnout in esports
Jeffrey Wofford, Plato Public Schools

Working in esports often times meaning wearing many hats.  Director, coach, educator, mentor etc.....  With little to no offseason how do you juggle all those responsibilities while also staying energized enough to give your students all that they need to compete and grow.   Join Jeff as he shares what he has learned to avoid burnout as well as an opportunity to share your thoughts and strategies with others.

Considerations for Esports Environments
Spectrum Industries

What is needed to create a comprehensive esports facility? While PC and console gaming capture people’s attention, scholastic esports programs are preparing students for much more than gameplay. Join Spectrum as we discuss elements that can help define spaces for new programs and offer insights for esports programs wondering what is next.

The Economical Esports Shopper: Evaluating Specs in the PC World
Josh Knutson, Gravity Gaming by Bytespeed

Not every esports coach comes from the technology background, so in this session Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed’s Josh Knutson will offer helpful guidance for choosing powerful, yet budget-friendly hardware options whether your school is refreshing your esports PCs or starting a new program. We’ll review key components in gaming hardware, such as processors, graphics cards, memory, and more to explain what to look for in the benchmarks, and how to evaluate a component next to its competition in order to get the best bang for your buck! 

Existentialism in Esports
Adam Dickey, North County R1 High School

Existentialism in esports. Why are we here? What's it a about? Join me on an adventure that helps develop or upgrade the tools at your disposal to establish a student-centered esports program full of lols and competitive drive. (Mostly the lols)

Health and Wellness for Gamers
Amy Harris, Hart Career Center

This session will cover the importance of physical and mental well-being for gamers, and how to engage your students in best practices for their own health. We will go over activities and other resources for stretching, exercise, meditation, nutrition, sleep, and more.

Making Streaming Great with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Dr. Tiffany Ford, Ozarks Technical Community College

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. In this presentation I will share how you can use some of these services to improve your streaming presence with little to no cost. I will introduce these services for those who are unfamiliar as well as demo how we use them to present our streams in various formats.

Meeting the SEL needs of esports students
Dr. Curtis Graham, Maplewood-Richmond Heights

In this session we will explore the social emotional needs that have developed from the pandemic and how they manifest on our teams.  We will discuss ways to support these students through structures and resources.

We will also touch on addiction (specifically screen addiction), how it manifests in student behavior, and how we can provide support to students struggling with it.

MOSEF Smash 101
Amy Harris, Hart Career Center

Are you baffled by blindpicks and stage bans? Stumped by start.gg? Then this is the session for you! We will go over step-by-step procedures for Smash solo and crew seasons, in addition to covering blindpicks and stage banning. We will also have a small mock tournament to practice what we’ve learned in start.gg.

Overwatch 101
Adrienne McIntire, Midland University

Winning at the high school/ college level

Preparing for Esports at the College Level
Conon Gillis, William Jewell College
Dr. Tiffany Ford, Ozarks Technical Community College

This session will give information about students that are hoping to possibly play at the college level and how to set themselves up best to do that. 

Roster Building and Player Development
Blake Kronsbein, University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou Esports)

Learn how to build rosters that foster an environment of competitiveness, excitement, and camaraderie. See what resources and methods successful esports programs use to maximize constant improvement and long term competitive success, while reducing burnout. Learn from a former captain turned collegiate recruiter the difference between good players and great ones. 

Speaking Admin Language
Dr. Tony Gragnani, Webster Groves High School

Building a strong relationship with your building administrator or athletic director is crucial to the sustained success of your esports program. In this session, I will teach you how to think like your administrator, anticipate their thoughts, and build the support you need to start your program or ensure you get the resources you need to keep it going.  Even if you are an established program, knowing this information will help you navigate what to do when your administrator leaves.  My presentation will be grounded in nine years of administrative experience and my record for helping several other esports programs get started here in Missouri.

Streaming with OBS & Add-ons
Kevin Clevenger, Blue Springs High School

Attendees will learn how to setup and use OBS to stream games, and additional tools to help with the stream. We will also learn how to have students help with running the production and streaming of the game/event.

What’s the Plan? Leveraging Apps and Analog Planners to Organize Your Esports Program
Lindsey Neal, Fox High School 

Successful high school esports coaches are in charge of so much more than babysitting kids. When your program wants to host teams in more than one title, how do you keep track of it all? What do you say when parents, players, assistant coaches, teachers, administrators, etc. ask “What’s the plan?” Join Coach Neal to learn about organization apps, planner systems, and strategies to manage and organize your program and communicate with all of your stakeholders. We’ll take some time to actually implement these strategies during the session! 


Registration includes all keynotes and breakout sessions, two regional meetings, lunch, and gaming/networking time at the end of each day.

Early Bird Pricing (through May 31)

Two-day attendee: $100
One-day attendee: $55

Full Price (beginning June 1)

Two-day attendee: $115
One-day attendee: $65

Registration has closed.
Please note, your fee must be paid prior to the conference, or it will be due at the door.


The MOSEF merch store was open through June 30. Select designs will be available at the conference.

Full Schedule

Friday, July 28

08:30-09:00 AM Registration / Vendor Setup
09:00-09:30 AM Welcome / State of MOSEF
09:30-10:15 AM Regional Meetings
10:30-11:15 AM Breakout Session 1
I’m Looking to Start Esports Panel
Preparing for Esports at the College Level
Roster Building and Player Development
Health and Wellness for Gamers
11:30-12:15 PM Lunch
12:30-01:15 PM Keynote: Victoria Horsley
01:30-02:15 PM Breakout Session 2
Help! I'm Not a Gamer
Making Streaming Great with AWS
Overwatch 101
Meeting the SEL Needs of Esports Students
02:30-03:15 PM Breakout Session 3
Discord for Beginners
Streaming with OBS & Add-ons
MOSEF Smash 101
Adventures in Esports Diversity!
Considerations for Esports Environments
03:30-04:15 PM Keynote: Dr. Jennifer Rukstad
04:30-06:00 PM Gaming in the Lab

Saturday, July 29

08:30-09:30 AM Vendor Area Open
09:30-09:40 AM Welcome
09:45-10:30 AM Keynote: Parth Naidu
10:45-11:30 AM Breakout Session 4
Speaking Admin Language
Existentialism in Esports
What’s the Plan?
Combating Burnout in Esports
The Economical Esports Shopper
11:45-12:30 PM Lunch
12:45-01:15 PM Keynote: Connor Alne
01:45-02:30 PM Regional Meetings
02:45-03:30 PM Keynote: Dr. Jordan Tsai
03:30-03:40 PM Closing
03:45-06:00 PM Gaming in the Lab