Participation and Pricing

MOSEF believes in the positive impact esports can provide students. This belief has led us to develop a platform that promotes as much access to esports as possible. We accomplish this by providing educational resources to all schools and hosting leagues that are professionally managed to promote a safe environment at little or no cost to them.  

MOSEF Participation is Free 

Becoming a MOSEF school is easy to do and it is free.  MOSEF schools have access to all of our free educational resources including presentations from college programs and other esport organizations.  Schools can also participate in NASEF organized esport leagues for free, and utilize available discounts through our MOSEF partnerships.    Finally, our schools are eligible to join the MOSEF community Discord, where they can connect with over 100 other Missouri schools involved in esports.  

League Fees are Pay What You Can 

Part of making esports accessible to all is understanding that each school will be at a different place in regards to support and access to resources. Knowing this, we have developed a flexible pricing program where we ask schools to pledge what money they can, but do not force anyone to pay any cost to participate.  The table below outlines appropriate pledges based on your school's involvement. Schools are not required to pledge any dollar amount. ​

$50     For each Varsity Team 

$25     For each JV Team or Middle School Team 

Where does the money go?

MOSEF is a non-profit committed to providing the best esports experience possible for students. All collected money goes back to our students in the way of trophies, venue rental, event insurance, and other costs associated with managing a statewide league. 

Request an Invoice

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We are happy to help in any way possible. Please contact us for assistance!