Rulesets and Game Information

General Rules

MOSEF General Rules: Revised for Spring Season 1/24/24

Apex Legends

Apex Rules & Guidelines: Winter 2023/24 (Created 10/25/23)

League of Legends

MOSEF League of Legends Rules: Spring 2024 (Revised 12/12/23)

Mario Kart Time Trials

MOSEF Mario Kart Time Trials Rules: Winter 2023-24 (updated 10/27/23)

Overwatch 2

MOSEF Overwatch 2 Community Rules: Fall 2023 (Revised 9/10/23)

Pokémon Unite

MOSEF Pokémon Unite Rules: Winter 2023-24 (updated 11/12/23)

Rocket League

MOSEF Rocket League Rules: Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 (revised 08/27/2023)

SSBU Crew Battles

SSBU Solos

MOSEF Solo Smash Rules: Fall 2023 (modified 8/31/23)

Mii movesets

Switch Sports Chambara

MOSEF Star Division Chambara Rules: Fall 2023 (revised 08/08/23)

Switch Sports Tennis

Coming January 2024


MOSEF Valorant Rules: Spring 2024 (Revised 12/20/23)