General Rules


General Rules

2021 - 2022

1. Introduction

In order to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience, the Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation (MOSEF) has created this ruleset that all players, staff and coaches agree to in order to compete within MOSEF. MOSEF is responsible for organizing, enforcing and upholding the rules within this document.

1.1 Acceptance and Agreement

Once a team has signed up for any of the MOSEF events, the team is complying with this ruleset that has been forged in order to create a fun, smooth and safe environment for all teams within MOSEF. All of these rules apply to any team that has signed up to play within MOSEF. This includes all staff members with the team, all players within the team (everyone on the teams roster), coaches within the team, and anyone else present during the time of competing with another school.

1.2 Changes and Communications

MOSEF has the right to change, add or remove rules within any ruleset before and after a season is finished. MOSEF may not make changes to a ruleset during a season without a vote from all of the currently registered teams. The vote must have a 70% agreement before a rule can be altered, added or removed during a season.

2. Eligibility and Media

  • (2.1) Coach Eligibility and Rules

  • (2.2) Player Eligibility and Rules

  • (2.3) Media Statement

2.1 Coach Eligibility and Rules

Coaches must meet the following requirement(s) to be an eligible coach within MOSEF.

  • The coach is a sponsor or paid employee of the school district.

Coaches must follow these exact rules while active within MOSEF.

  • Coaches may not, for any reason, play for any students during a live match. This includes their own coaches gaming account and the students account.

  • Coaches are responsible for creating their own team requirements for students to stay on that school's Esports team.

  • Coaches may not assist students during a live match. If there is communication to be had with a student, it must be before or after a live match has happened. Coaches may also communicate with students during a pause. Once the pause is completed, the coach needs to go back to observing students only without communication. Coaches may communicate with students if there is a school emergency during a match.

  • Coaches are encouraged to be in the MOSEF discord during a match in case there are any technical issues, behavioral issues or communications that are needing to be explained. Coaches can either voice chat or text chat during a match, as long as communication is being relayed between both teams. All communication must be done within the MOSEF discord under the text channel #match-comms within the Matches category.

2.2 Player Eligibility and Rules

Students must meet the following requirements in order to play within MOSEF.

  • High School

    • Students must be in grades 9-12 for High School activities.

    • Students must be 13 years of age or older.

  • Middle School

    • Students must be in grades 6-8 for Middle School activities.

  • Students under the age of 13 years old must have parent consent. Coaches will need to have a hard copy document with a parent signature and must keep the document within their own storage method of choice. (can be scanned to a cloud storage)

  • Students must be registered with the school they are playing for.

    • Students who are homeschooled may participate in MOSEF activities as long as they are representing the school district in which they reside.

  • Students are not allowed to play if they are actively suspended.

  • Students must be in good standing with the school, by grades.

* JV players are allowed to sub up on Varsity teams. If this rule starts to be overused or abused the League admins have the right to discuss this with the team and take actions that seem fit.

*2021-2022 Exception

  • Students in Middle School, in grades specified above, may be active in High School activities if cleared by the VP of Operations

2.3 Media Statement

MOSEF owns all rights to live streams, recorded games and screenshots that were created by MOSEF. If a team competes within MOSEF, that team may use all game footage from MOSEF for local media productions. This would include live streams, recorded matches and screenshots. MOSEF is allowed to post footage/screenshots to any MOSEF owned media outlets.(YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and more)

3. Language and In-Game Behavior

  • (3.01) Language

  • (3.02) Harassment

  • (3.03) Gamertags / Handles

  • (3.04) Discrimination

  • (3.05) Private Information

  • (3.06) Cheating / Hacking

  • (3.07) In-Game Behavior

  • (3.08) Sportsmanship

3.1 Language

Players and coaches need to keep communications clean while in game for any reason. This could be a scrim, live match or practice of any sort. Language should be held to the standard school policy from the local team. Coaches are responsible for handling discipline to students that break the language code of conduct.

3.2 Harassment

Harassment is forbidden. This will not be tolerated in any circumstances. If a player harasses a coach, team member or other player within MOSEF, the team will be disqualified from the MOSEF active season. If a player harasses a teacher, coach or team member outside of the MOSEF organization, the coach will handle the disciplinary actions at the local school. MOSEF will inform the coach of the accused player's actions and the situation and ask the coach to inform MOSEF of the disciplinary action that was taken on the accused player.

The use of hate speech would result in suspension of all MOSEF activities until reviewed by the board of directors.

3.3 Gamertags / Handles

  1. Gamertags / Handles can not be offensive. If a gamertag / handle offends the integrity of a country, person or group, that player or coach will need to change his/her gamertag. Gamertags / Handles may not discriminate, harass, or show hostility, including toward (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, politics, disability, or religion. The player or coach must change their tag within one week of receiving notification from the Vice President of Operations. If the player or coach does not change their tag, they will be disqualified from the league.

  2. Gamertags / Handles can be changed; however, once a player changes their gamertag / handle, they will be treated as a new player and will be inactive for seven days. After the seven-day period, they will then be active to play in a match.

  3. Players must notify their coach of the name change.

  4. Players must use their main account during a season. Smurf accounts are not allowed, and can disqualify the team from the match that the smurf account was used in. This would be decided by the Vice President of Operations.

  5. In the case of an emergency name change situation instigated by a game developer requirement, hacked account, or other unforeseen circumstance, the player must notify their coach immediately and the coach must contact the Vice President of Operations. The Vice President of Operations will have full authority to decide on the resolution.

3.4 Discrimination

Discrimintaion is not allowed within MOSEF for any reason. If discrimination is being shown in discord, in game or any other type of communication that is through MOSEF, that team, coach or player can be disqualified. If a student is showing acts of discrimnation at the local school, the coach is responsible for handling the discipline of the player.

3.5 Private Information

Do not share any of the following with other players or coaches within MOSEF. Players may only share this information with the local school’s coach.

  • Phone Number

  • Home Address

  • Legal Name

  • Public IP (if playing from home)

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Email

  • Account Information

3.6 Cheating / Hacking

Cheating / Hacking is forbidden. If a player is caught cheating / hacking with evidence provided by another team, an investigation will be held by MOSEF. If MOSEF finds that the team is cheating / hacking with proof (recording of the accused cheating / hacking) the entire team will be disqualified. Do not cheat.

3.7 In-Game Behavior

Players may not be disrespectful (toxic) while scrimming, playing a live match or practicing with other teams within MOSEF. The following is forbidden:

  • Cyber Bullying

  • Offensive Language (in any language) via Voice Chat or Text Chat or Discord

  • Cheating

  • Offensive In-Game Player Actions (crouching up and down over players, etc..)

Players may use emotes and in-game sprays / voice lines.

If a team is suspected of being disrespectful, the team that initiated the case needs to provide sufficient evidence, such as, screenshots, video footage or audio clips of the incident.

If an accusation is submitted to the League Admins, it will be reviewed and an investigation will be conducted if necessary. The proper steps will be determined from there.

3.8 Sportsmanship

Teams must show good sportsmanship before, during and after a match. Saying things like “glhf” and “gg” are encouraged through MOSEF. If sportsmanship is toxic in any way and the other team reports it to MOSEF via discord proof, that team can lose a match via bad sportsmanship.

4. Roster Eligibility

Once a team submits their roster before the first match of the season begins, another player is allowed to join that roster. In order for a new registered player to be eligible to play in the next match, that player must have been on the roster for a week after the previous match was played.

Players on the Varsity Roster will not be eligible to play in JV. If they step down to JV they will have a one week grace period before they play and will be removed from the Varsity Roster. JV players are allowed to be subs on the Varsity Roster, but must be cleared by the VP of operations.

Teams should consist of their own unique rosters. Players are only allowed to be rostered onto one roster (With the exception being JV Subbing Varsity).

5. Streaming

  1. You may have one approved streaming account per team.

    1. You can also add one backup account in case the primary streaming account is not available. You can only have one spectator account in a match. If the game being spectated allows for people to spectate their team only, you can have as many team-only spectators as the game will allow. If there is a situation where both teams have more spectators than the game can handle, for team-spectate, then both teams must split the spectators evenly so that both schools can have equal spectating opportunity.

  2. The approved spectator and backup spectator accounts must be added before the season starts. If the approved spectator is no longer on the team or is removed for any reason and a new account is needed to be approved as a backup or primary spectator, you will need to contact the Vice President of Operations.

  3. Streams must have a three minute delay. If the game has a built-in stream delay, you do not need to set a delay in the streaming software that you are using.



Overwatch Rules

2021 - 2022

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is necessary.

2. Match Procedure

Matches must abide by the following requirements.

  1. Game Types: Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control (The order of the game types will be determined by MOSEF before the season starts).

  2. Maps: The maps and map order will be determined by MOSEF per season.

  3. Match: The first team to win 3 out of 5 map sets will win the match. If the teams are tied 2 to 2, then MAP SET 1 will be played again. Tie breaker map is set by the MOSEF community discord server within the overwatch section.

  4. If both teams draw, you must play another available map within the map set category. For example, if both teams draw on Temple of Anubis, then you would play either Volskaya or Hanamura next.

  5. If the wrong settings, map types or game modes are loaded while going into a map set, that map set must be restarted entirely. If a team notices that the rules were wrong during previous map sets, this can not be undone or replayed. Please make sure you check the settings for the lobby before playing a match.

  6. Default Game Time: Varsity starts at 4:30pm followed by JV, every Thursday. If you go 20 minutes over your default match time, default or rescheduled, your team will forfeit the match. The other coach needs to let an Overwatch admin know in the community discord if the opposing team did not make it. You will also need to report the no show appropriately in UGC.

  7. Please post in the MOSEF community discord If there are any disagreements.

2.1 Hosting

The higher seeded team will host the match. If both teams have the same seed, both of the coaches must roll a 6 sided dice in the MOSEF community discord, under the #dice-roll chat.

In order to use the dice rolling feature in discord, type in -Roll then hit enter. It will automatically roll a 6 sided dice. Do not roll any other type of dice, only the 6 sided is needed.

2.2 Game Lobby Settings

Please use code R90FJ for these settings below.

  • Competitive ruleset is required

  • Killcam: Off

  • Swap teams after match: No

  • Pause game on player disconnect: Yes

  • Skins are allowed

2.3 Coach Requirements

  1. Coaches are required to be present during matches with their students under some sort of supervision. This way, if there is an issue/discrepancy, both coaches can communicate rather than the students.

  2. Coaches must be in the MOSEF discord server in order to be eligible to have your team compete.

  3. Coaches must be a verified adult that either works at the school or is a school sponsor.

  4. Coaches are allowed to cheer on their team, but they may not coach during the match.

3. Player Skins / Emotes

Player skins are allowed to be used during a match. Player emotes are allowed to be used during a match.

4. Stoppage of Play

To pause a map set, the hosting player of the lobby must push CTRL + SHIFT + =. The following criteria must be met to pause the game.

  • Player Drop

  • Player Disconnect

  • Server Crash

  • Technical Issues w/ PC or PC Hardware (peripherals included / coach verified)

In order to pause a match, the team's coach must be immediately notified of the issue. The coach must be present and communicating with the other teams coach during the pause. This can be done via text chat in discord or voice chat. Stoppage of Play can last as long as the other team needs if the coaches are in communication.

4.1 Timeouts

Each team gets a total of one timeout per map set. Each timeout will consist of 2:00 minutes each.

Between each map set, there will be a total of a ten minute break time if either team chooses to take one. Example: If team A says they need to use their break time, team B will have to allow it and honor the 10:00 minute break. If a team goes over the ten minute break, coaches will have to note this as this will be considered gameplay sabotage and can result in a loss for the team going over the allotted break time.

5. Player Counts

Each team has to have the following criteria.

  • Teams consist of 6 players.

  • 6 Players must be present in order to play unless both coaches agree, in discord writing, that if a team is down a player they agree to play 5 versus 6. Teams can not have less than 5 players by any circumstance even if the coaches agree.

  • Players must follow the standard role selection process. There will be 2 tanks, 2 DPS and 2 Support.

5.1 Player Subs

Each team is allowed 2 subs per role. That means a total team consists of 12 players.

5.2 Substitutions

As a team starts their entire match for the evening, whatever roster the team starts with is that teams starting 6 players. Teams are only allowed to sub in per map set 1 sub per role. During a map set, teams are only allowed to sub in 3 player subs total.

If your varsity team does not have enough players or you are trying out JV players for potential varsity spots, you may substitute in JV (junior varsity) players for your varsity roster. It does not matter how many players you sub in, at the start of an entire match, if it is JV players subbing in for varsity. You may not sub in varsity players for a JV team. Please note that you still have to comply with the substitution rules after the entire match process has started.

5.3 Role Lock

Once a player has picked a role for the start of a map set, which would be one map played (Example: control - lijiang), that player is now role locked for the entirety of the map set.

5.4 New Players

  1. You may have new players join your team throughout the regular season. New players are NOT allowed to join a playoff team once the playoffs have started. During playoffs, you must use your roster that was from the last game of the season.

  2. When a new player joins a team, they have 7 days until they become active. They may not participate in a match until their 7 day period is done.

  3. If a player changes their battletag during a season, that player will be considered a new player and will have to wait the 7 day period before eligible to play.

6. Disqualification

The following items will disqualify your team from a match.

  • T-Bagging

  • Foul Language of Any Kind

  • Toxic Chat (Example: Disrespectful chat, taunting chat, negative criticism such as “you suck” “your team is garbage”)

  • Hacking

In order to be disqualified, the other team must provide proof of this happening, whether it be a screenshot or video. Post all issues within the MOSEF community discord. All disqualification reports will be under review from the MOSEF Vice President of Operations.

7. Standings

Standings each week will be determined using the following criteria:

  • Overall match record

  • Head to Head result (if applicable)

Point differential

8. Unforeseen Circumstances

If your school is cancelled for any reason (snow day, emergency, etc..) you need to find a time during the same week to reschedule your match. If you are unable to reschedule your match during the same week, your team will have to make up the match during the make up week. If you can not find a time during the make up week, your team will forfeit the match.

Rocket League


Rocket League Rules

2021 - 2022

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

2. Series Lengths

All matches will be played as a best of 5 series, with the exception of a best of 7 in For Playoffs/ Finals.

2.1 Game Lobby

The team with the better record will create the lobby. In case of a tie, a coin flip will suffice. The opposing team will have the choice of which team is which color, which will not change for the duration of the match. The default arena played is DFH Stadium. Teams are free to change the arena at any time so long as the following criteria are met.

a.Both team captains consent to the change

b.The arena is playable according to rule 4.2.3.

c. Any changes are documented in the post-game form

Game settings should be set to the following:

  • Game Mode: Soccer

  • Arena: DFH Stadium OR another arena agreed upon by both teams

  • Team Size: 3v3

  • Subs Allowed: 2

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Team Settings

    • Team Names should be in accordance with the sides chosen by the team with the winningest record. Primary and accent colors should be set to Default

  • Mutator Settings

    • Preset Settings: Custom

    • Match Length: 5 minutes

    • Max Score: Unlimited

    • Overtime: Unlimited

    • Series Length: 5 games

    • Game Speed: Default

    • Ball Max Speed: Default

    • Ball Type: Default

    • Ball Weight: Default

    • Ball Size: Default

    • Ball Bounciness: Default

    • Boost Amount: Default

    • Rumble: None

    • Boost Strength: 1x

    • Gravity: Default

    • Demolish: Default

    • Respawn Time: 3 seconds

Joinable By: Name/Password (to be determined by hosting team)

In the event that incorrect settings are loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played games with the incorrect format will not count towards the series.

3. Arenas

The following areas are available for switching to during an official match:

  • Aquadome

  • Champions Field

  • Champions Field (Day)

  • DFH Stadium

  • DFH Stadium (Day)

  • DFH Stadium (Stormy)

  • Farmstead

  • Mannfield

  • Mannfield (Night)

  • Mannfield (Snowy)

  • Mannfield (Stormy)

  • Neo Tokyo

  • Urban Central

  • Urban Central (Dawn)

  • Urban Central (Night)

  • Utopia Coliseum

  • Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)

  • Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)

  • Wasteland


4. Server Region

The following server regions are available for use in MOSEF official matches:

  • US-East

4.1 Match Times

Matches must be played at the default time unless a rescheduled time has been previously decided upon by both teams. Teams may reschedule the match to be played before the reporting deadline, which is 11:59pm, on the day before the default match day as posted on the season schedule. Teams will have a 15 minute grace period after their scheduled match time to get the required amount of players into the server/lobby and start the match. If a team fails to join or fails to produce the required amount of eligible players by the time the grace period ends, then the other team may request a forfeit win.

5. Customizations

Any bodies, decals, wheels, rocket boosts, toppers, antennae, goal explosions, trails, or engine audios that are currently disabled in competitive 3v3 queues are not permitted for use in Official Matches.

6. Controllers

All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard, are permitted. Scuf and Xbox Elite controllers are permitted. Any controllers with macro functions or on-the-fly profile switching or controllers that can be modified in any way. The modifications listed are not permitted unless prior authorization from the League Administration has approved such modifications and deemed it acceptable to use. Wireless controllers are permitted but are not recommended for possible latency issues. Controllers may be used for PC games if they have native support for the controller in question. i.e. The player should not have to install additional software/drivers for the controller other than those from the manufacturer or included with the game.

6.1 Supported Platforms

This game supports crossplay. All teams competing in MOSEF seasons will face each other, regardless of what console they play on.

  • PC

  • Xbox One

  • PS4

7. Leaving and Rejoining Teams

Players are not allowed to leave their team and then rejoin to put them on the other side of the arena. This will be considered cheating, with automatic disqualification and loss.

7.1 Stoppage of Play

Should a player disconnect from the game less than 30 seconds into the match or before the shot to make the first goal of the game is taken, the game will be restarted. If either of these events has occurred, the game will continue.

8. Player Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 3 players at the beginning of the first game, and 2 for each consecutive game. During a game, if a team should lose 2 players that have disconnected with the intention of no longer playing in the match at the same time, that team will forfeit the remainder of the game to the opposing team. If a team is not able to field the required number of players for additional games in the series, then they will forfeit the remainder of the match.

8.1 Substitutions

Coaches may substitute a player into a match after a game, or set has been completed. Subs must happen within the intermission between sets or games.

Captains should note in discord which players will be subbed for which players

Captains and Coaches should “Mark” the time on the clock that the match ended, agreed upon by both coaches. Flexibility to this time may be granted but should not delay the match further than necessary.

Should a sub(s) fail login correctly, complete disconnect, cause undue delay or disconnect of game the following steps must be taken.

  1. The offending team may offer to forfeit the series

  2. Coaches may agree to no change in play once resumed

9. Reporting Results

At the conclusion of the match, each coach/ advisor will need to fill out the appropriate form to report match results to the league/conference.

9.1 Issues or discrepancy with play

Should there be an issue or problem during the course of the match that is not covered under the above rules, coaches may allow for the stoppage of play between games until the issue can be resolved or agreed upon with resumption of play thereafter.

If no agreement can be reached contact the MOSEF League Manager.

9.2 Sportsmanship

Toxicity and Unsportsmanlike behavior has no place in Missouri esports. If unsportsmanlike, vulgar or toxic behavior should occur, the following proper steps should be taken by the coach of the team reporting the unsportsmanlike behavior. NOTE: Official complaints by coaches only will be accepted, abuse of this system by coach, player or outside 3rd party may result in penalties to the reporting team.

All participants are expected to uphold a universal level of sportsmanship while participating in MOSEF sanctioned events. Those who fail to behave in a sportsmanlike manner verbally, through chat, or actual physical taunting and other inappropriate communication may face penalties at the discretion of MOSEF administrators or referees.

If you or any member of your team believes that you have experienced bad sportsmanship to an extreme degree or violation of the aforementioned rules, please do the following.

  1. If possible record the poor sportsmanship at the time of the incident.

  2. Finish the match regardless of outcome,

  3. Notify coach of the incident

  4. Notify the opposing coach of your intent to file a complaint of unsportsmanlike behavior.

  5. Coaches only Submit an official complaint to the MOSEF League Manager.

Should the result be proven to be unsportsmanlike disciplinary action will be taken with disqualification, and forfeitures noted.

10 Rosters

Rocket League Rosters should consist of 3 starters and 2 subs.

Teams should consist of their own unique rosters. Players are only allowed to be rostered onto one roster (With the exception being JV Subbing Varsity).

SSBU Crew Battles

Crew Battle rules are currently under revision for the Spring 2022 Season.


MOSEF Solo Smash Rules

modified from The Box Ruleset

A. Season Rules

  1. Set Length - Regular Season

All season sets will be 1v1 best-of-3 games against each player in the pool.

1.1.1 Set Length - Final Tournament

All tournament sets will be best-of-3 games until the Winners and Losers Finals, at which point tournament sets will be best-of-5 games. Rules below do not change between these two set formats.

  1. Character/Stage Pick Procedure

Players will begin their set by first performing a double blind character selection. After these characters have been selected, players will begin striking stages.

Round one of stage bans will take place with a P1-P2-P2-P1 format; however, in subsequent rounds, the player who won the previous game will ban 2 stages and the losing player will pick from those that remain.

Modified DSR (Dave’s Stupid Rule) is turned on. (This means that players are not allowed to counterpick to the most recent stage that they won on).

  1. Stage Agreement Clause

Players may select any LEGAL stage if they both agree on it. Players may not play on illegal stages or change the length of a set. If this is violated, both players will be subject to complete disqualification from the event.

  1. Stalling

Stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable or delaying the play of a set, is banned and at the discretion of tournament staff. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the player that initiated the action. Any player may request a short break at the start of a set, but the length of the break may not be more than five minutes.

Schools that need to share Switches between students MUST report their intent via Google Form by September 10. Schools may not have more than two students playing on one Switch on a given day of play.

  1. Self-Destruct Moves

If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner. If a sudden death occurs, a standard sudden death play-off game applies (see 1.6).

  1. Sudden Death

If a game goes to Sudden Death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the game ends. If both players are tied in stocks, the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a game in which both players lose their last stock simultaneously, a 1-stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3-minute time limit. The results of an in-game 300% Sudden Death do not count. If Sudden Death occurs in a Sudden Death game, this process is repeated.

  1. Multitourneying

Multitourneying (The act of playing in multiple brackets at once) and delaying bracket falls under the rules outlined in 1.5.

  1. Disqualification Timers

The first round of the day will have a 10 minute automatic disqualification timer. All subsequent rounds will have 5 minute automatic timers.

Players are expected to report to their matches on time and automatic DQ’s will be enforced save for special circumstances (Up to TO discretion). If you are unable to play at the scheduled time, you must make reschedule arrangements at least 24 hours in advance and notify the TO. If players cannot come to a reschedule agreement, the player checked in at default time will be declared the winner.

  1. Collusion

Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a game or committing any other form of bracket manipulation. The TO reserves the right to deny award for the tournament to any player suspected of colluding.

  1. Competitive Integrity

In all competitions there should be a fair playing field for all players.

Every encounter, whether a ladder match or other competition, must be played according to the rules until it is complete and the result in is completed.

Organizers reserve the right to withhold awards if any of these guidelines are violated.

  1. Misinterpretation/Misconfiguration

Arenas that are not set up according to section 2.1 must be replayed, and no penalty will be applied to the player that SDs to correct the issue. Game settings should be configured according to section 2.1. It is the players’ responsibilities to ask the TO for any clarification of the rule set in the event of a disagreement, and the outcome of a game or set will not be changed after the fact unless under extreme circumstances; judgment is reserved for tournament staff. Players who are found to repeatedly misconfigure arenas may be penalized at TO discretion. This rule will extend to stages that are not correctly chosen according to sections 2.1 and 2.3.1.

In the event players begin a game with misconfigured player-specific controls (controller settings, etc.), players may not back out of a game to correct their settings once ten seconds have passed. After this time limit has passed, players must use their misconfigured settings.

  1. Lag Test Procedure

A LAN adapter is strongly recommended for participation in this tournament.

In the event of excessive lag, players must restart within 60 seconds of the start of a game; otherwise the results of any played matches will stand. SDs after the 60 second period will count towards recorded results. If the lag continues, the arena should be closed down and recreated. Restarting both Switches before rejoining the arena is recommended.

If the lag persists, or if the arena crashes more than once after restarting, a speed test may be requested. The connection should be tested via the Switch settings (a speed test from a computer or other device is not acceptable). Each school should send a photo/screenshot of their results to the TO via Discord. The TO may choose to spectate at that point if the numbers are inconclusive. If one team is determined to have unplayable speeds, they may be forced to forfeit.

The minimum recommended speeds are 5Mbps upload and 15Mbps download, plus a ping under 30ms. Nintendo arenas require NAT type A or B to connect.

It is up to TO discretion to determine who is the cause of the lag using these guidelines and decide on who, if anyone, will be disqualified. Before starting this process, please remember that not all schools are located in cities with broadband for everyone, and show grace to your opponents where possible.

  1. Force Majeure Clause

In the event of a game being interrupted by external, impartial conditions (e.g. power gets cut, safety concerns arise, LAN cable is disconnected, etc.) the player at fault will have two minutes to reconnect. After this point, contact the TO; the set will be forfeit.

  1. Final Rulings

If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment of MOSEF staff is final. Rules may be altered between weeks of the season in the best interests of the event. (Example: A game-breaking glitch is discovered on a stage mid-season that could be exploited. The stage may need to be removed from legal play for the remainder of the season.)

  1. Season Tiebreakers

At the end of the regular season, any tiebreakers will be determined as follows:

  1. Head-to-head matchup

    1. May require additional matches for students who were not matched during the season

  2. Game win percentage

Tournament organizers reserve the right to override any standings in that are erroneously calculated or do not meet the tiebreakers set forth above.

B. Game Rules

  1. Game Settings

  • Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 7 minutes

  • Final Smash Meter: Off

  • Spirits: Off

  • Damage Handicap: Off

  • Stage Selection: Anyone

  • Items: Off and None

  • First to: 1 Win

  • Stage Morph: Off

  • Stage Hazards: Off

  • Launch Rate: 1.0x

  • Underdog Boost: Off

  • Pausing: Off

  • Score Display: Off

  • % Show Damage: Yes

  • Custom Balance: Off

  • Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal

  1. Stage List

Starter Stages

  • Battlefield*

  • Final Destination*

  • Town & City

  • Pokémon Stadium 2

  • Smashville

Counterpick Stages

  • Kalos Pokemon Stadium

  • Yoshi’s Story

  • Small Battlefield

* Battlefield and Omega variations of the stages are allowed when a player counterpicks either Battlefield or Final Destination respectively. The Battlefield and Omega forms may only be selected from the 8 legal stages above.

  1. Additional Rules

    1. Counterpick Stage Banning

After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may ban two stages from the full stage list. These bans do not persist throughout the set. The loser of the previous game then chooses from the remaining stages, barring any those that that player has won on the most recent game (see 2.3.2).

If Final Destination or Battlefield is chosen as a counterpick, a variant may be chosen by the loser of the previous game, following the list of banned variants listed in 2.2.

  1. Stage Clause

A player may not pick the most recent stage they won a game on. (mDSR)

  1. Glitch Clause

If anything occurs within any game that results in unforeseen consequences (e.g. characters become invisible, sudden teleportation occurs, characters become affixed to other bodies, etc.), gameplay should continue uninterrupted unless the change renders the game unplayable for one or more players. In this situation, players should inform their pool captain or tournament staff for resolution.

  1. Mii Fighter Clause

Any player who intends to use a Mii during a set must declare so before the set. Players are required to inform their opponent of their chosen Mii’s moveset, listed in the format ####. Any combination of moves may be used, but any movesets that any player may want to use during a set must be created before the set begins.


Valorant rules are currently under revision for the Spring 2022 season.