What is esports?

Professional eSport Gamers

The gaming industry defines "Esports" as multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. MOSEF believes Esports are so much more. They are an opportunity for individuals to come together and work side by side to accomplish a common goal using collaboration, communication, and problem solving.  Our students don’t just “play” video games. They develop skills to prepare them to be positive citizens in an ever changing society.

What is esports?

Here is what MOSEF has to say on why you need an Esports program.

Video was made by Tony Gragnani (MOSEF President)

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Parents section


benefits of esports

Your student is more than likely already playing video games. Encouraging them to participate in Esports gets them involved in school, communicating with other students and adults, and allows them to take part in something they are passionate about within a safe, school setting.  Moreover, they get to compete and show their skills off in front of family and friends!

This is not just about gaming. As educators working with students involved in Esports, we have seen the life changing benefits.  We have witnessed students develop into leaders and forge friendships that will last forever. Our students are more engaged in the school setting resulting in an overall more positive experience and stronger academic performance. We have also had a number of our students receive college scholarships to play at the next level.

In the end, High School Esports gives your student a chance to engage in their school community while developing skills that will help them when they leave high school.  Most importantly, it will be an experience they will remember forever.

Hear from our students.

video game ratings

There are video games out there that can be considered mature video games that are rated for 18 years of age or older. This being said, the MOSEF currently does not have any of those titles on our list of games that we play. We do have video games that are rated T for teen which is 13 years of age or older. These sorts of video games, like Overwatch for example, are rated in such a way for fantasy violence. Fantasy violence is something that is not related to the real world environment and does not relate to everyday life. Click here for video game ratings. 

How do i get involved?

As a parent, it can be quite overwhelming understanding what on earth is going on when we watch our kids play video games. Our suggestion is to reach out to the schools coach in order to find out more information on the games that your kiddo plays. Coaches can be great knowledge banks for you to use in order to understand what is going on in whatever game your child is playing. Also, a big thing that we have noticed helps with getting involved would be to attend your kiddos Esports matches at the school. This will provide you with a chance to talk with other kids in the audience, the coach and other parents about the game and what is happening. 

future opportunities

We all know that our kiddos live in a digital world. Being in Esports helps kids prepare for their future in that digital world. Esports has many different roles within it. There is media production, broadcasting, graphic design and many more skills that students can learn in Esports. Also, there are 218 colleges in Missouri right now that offer scholarship opportunities for Esports. That is a ton! Esports is going to continue to grow at a fast rate and your kids get to be a part of something amazing that could forever change their future. 

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