The Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation (MOSEF) exists to support the growth of scholastic esports by providing schools with education about esports and equitable access for students to competitive leagues while promoting a safe and fun experience. MOSEF was built by gamers for gamers.

 • Unforgettable experiences for students  • Professional development for educators  • Grant opportunities for schools - Be a part of the game. to Rocket League champions Hickman High School! 2: Lindbergh Flyers; 3: Rock Bridge Green; 4. Rock Bridge GoldCongratulations to Overwatch champions Blue Springs High School! 2: Hickman High School; 3: Hannibal High School; 4: CBC High SchoolSolo Smash Champions: 1. Luma (CBC High School); 2. Shyado (Marquette High School); Acida (Hickman High School); 4. tabe (Hickman High School)Follow MOSEF! Twitter: @moseforg; YouTube: MOSEF;