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Fall Season

Registration for the fall season opens in July. The season begins in September and ends in December.

Rocket League (HS Varsity/JV)
Overwatch MO Esports Community Season (ages 13-18)
Smash Solos (HS Varsity/JV, MS Championship/Competitive)
Switch Sports Chambara (Star Division HS/MS)

Winter Season

Registration for the winter season opened in October. The season begins in November and runs through January, with a break over the holidays.

All winter finals will be online due to the uncertainty of January weather in Missouri.

Apex Legends (Varsity/JV)
Mario Kart 8 (all divisions)
Pokémon Unite (HS Varsity/JV, MS Championship/Competitive)

Spring Season

Registration for will open in December. The season begins in late January and runs through May, with a large buffer built in for snow days!

League of Legends (Varsity/JV)
Smash Crew Battles (HS Varsity/JV, MS Championship/Competitive)
Switch Sports Tennis (Star Division HS/MS)
Valorant (Varsity/JV)
All spring titles tentative

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