MOSEF Discord

What is Discord?

Discord is a free platform to connect with others 13+ over text, voice, or video.

How does MOSEF use Discord?

We have three servers for our schools to use:

  • Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation is a server designed for coaches to interact, ask questions about all aspects of program development and competition, and manage tasks during the season. Weekly meetings are also held here.

    • Secondary schools must have a completed profile to unlock all of the channels with a coach role

    • College representatives must be easily identifiable to unlock channels with a collegiate role

    • Non-profits and businesses are granted limited roles

    • There are no roles for students in this server

  • MOSEF Community is designed for students and coaches at our participating schools to gather for conversation, competition, and college spotlight seminars. This server is actively moderated, with several protocols in place to protect our kids.

  • MOSEF Conference is an event server used for trainings and other voice/video activities for coaches, students, and other supporters.